Privacy policy - Peppers Mexican Grill

As you can see, we always strive to enhance our customers with their shopping experience. Therefore, we also have policies to ensure the interests of customers, so that customers feel more secure and trust. Here are some of our policies.

1. Customer information privacy policy

Blue Parrot Bar & Grill is committed to providing customers with quality products. Along with that are outstanding, reputable and reliable financial solutions. We strive to make important decisions easier for our customers. This includes ensuring the confidentiality of all their own personal information. In the process of information management, the Company always adheres to the following Privacy Principles:

1.1 Collect information

1.2 Use of personal information

1.3 Protection method

1.4 Privacy statement

2. Warranty and return policy

2.1 Product warranty policy

2.2 Cases not covered by warranty

3. Policy for children

As one of the reputable companies in the market. We always comply with the law, which includes respecting and complying with child protection policies. All activities of children under the age of 13 on our service are prohibited. We do not collect data or store information regarding children under the age of 13 because it is illegal.

4. Maintenance Policy

Depending on the product, we have different customer care policies. And we will send detailed notifications to customers via SMS or email.

5. Link

When you visit the website and use the services of, you may encounter links to other sites in accordance with google's ad attribution policy or it could also be our partner. Please be a little careful before providing your personal information to third parties. 

As for links that are not entirely related to our products or services, please be a little careful! You can rest assured that the links are our selected third-party partners. Which means it belongs to the information you are looking for. And of course, these links are secure and subject to the user's privacy policy.

6. Executive

To secure customer information, our team is always trying every day. We are always ready and highly alert to hacker attacks. And you can rest assured that our team has never stolen your data.

7. Cookie DoubleClick DART

At, we are required to follow the same Google advertising policies as other websites. This is the DART cookie policy to serve users relevant ads across multiple google sites. And in a way it benefits the user. If you find it annoying, turn it off!

8. Changes to this privacy policy

Our policies are subject to change at any time without prior notice. However, for the changes that are important and affect users. We will send notifications to customers.

For information that is not too important, we will automatically update in the content section.

How will we notify customers of important changes? Important changes, for example related to IP, we will display prominent notices on the website or email.

9. Deposit agreement

10. Payment policy

Buyers can refer to the following payment methods and choose to apply the appropriate method:

11. Loyalty membership policy

With the motto of operation always uphold customers and customer experience. We have a loyalty program. Customers will accumulate points for each purchase.